Warehousing And Fulfilment Services

We will arrange for Warehousing in most major regional centres by procuring for you:

  • Pick and Pack
  • Pallet Racking and open floor storage
  • 24 hour handling
  • Management of Stock Inventory
  • Stock control
  • Pallet/Parcel Scales
  • Vehicle
  • Weighbridge
  • Manned security


    The state of the 3rd party warehousing and handling facilities available in the ports of Mombasa and Nairobi are designed as complete physical distribution and warehousing service centres. We are networked to take advantage of those facilities. We also offer Order fulfillment complete process from when a sale takes place all the way through delivery to your customer. Successful order fulfillment depends on a third party to complete the order fulfillment steps for the ecommerce online store from receiving, processing, packing, picking, shipping an order to customers. Oceanwide Logistics Limited carries out the order fulfillment process for you. This will enable you focus on marketing, reduce on fixed costs, and generally have happy customers as you grow your business.

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